To all of our dear friends and loyal customers, after 16 years Lone Star Field Products is exiting the marketing and distribution side of the business, as many in the industry are already aware, we will no longer manufacture the SpecRest product line, however we will continue forward with our new lightweight rifle tripod mount ReactRest which we are very excited about.
Going forward Dark Horse Tactical has acquired all marketing rights and will be the Sole Source Dealer. Their contact info is listed below.

We want to express a special thank you to all who have supported and believed in our mission and we are certain that Dark Horse Tactical will continue to provide the exact same level of technical support and professional integrity, that Lone Star Field Products has always adhered to.

Again, thank you and God’s speed in all of your pursuits.

Josh Nilson
Dark Horse Tactical, LLC
1-844-865-1956 (Toll Free)